Internationalization of the WUE campus

The growing number of international students, more and more frequent visits of professors from foreign research centers and leavings of the faculty members and administration staff of the Wrocław University of Economics place before us a number of requirements related to the WUE participation in the international scientific environment.
Trying to meet these requirements, the International Cooperation Center has developed and is starting to implement the internationalization process of the WUE campus. One of the signs of this process will (among others) include exchange of information plates on the door and identification of buildings in English language.
Each of us - WUE students and employees, probably has some thoughts about the place and role of the WUE on the international arena, internationalization of our campus, relations with our foreign Students and Guests.
We ask all who have ideas how to make our University a significant partner for foreign universities to contact the International Cooperation Center. The person responsible for the development and implementation of WUE internationalization process is Paweł Szafarewicz (mail:, phone 80 357) who waits for all your ideas and comments.
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