Before leaving

Before leaving

Procedures at the end of your stay are as follows:

Karta Obiegowa (Library and dorms clearing slip)
Please bring this document to the International Cooperation Center at the end of your stay.
You have to obtain two stamps on the Karta Obiegowa:
  • one from the dormitory which proves that you do not have any overdue payments (obviously, if you have not lived in the dormitory, you  do not need this stamp),
  • the other from the library – this is obligatory for everybody!!! – you have to go to the library and ask for the stamp (which proves that you do not have any books to return). Remember, even if you have never visited the library, you still have to receive this stamp!
IMPORTANT NOTE: Students who are staying for the whole year have to bring the Examination Card after finishing the exams in the winter semester and the summer semester (two separate Examination Cards) and Karta Obiegowa after finishing the summer semester only.

Transcript of Records
The Transcript of Records will be issued by the International Cooperation Center once you pass all your courses and all your grades are entered to the USOS system by the lecturers.
It usually takes three or four weeks to complete all grades that is why in most cases the Transcript of Records will be emailed to you as a scan and its original version will be sent to your home university.

After Mobility
This document can be issued only after receiving the official Transcript of Records. For more details please contact the International Cooperation Center.

Attendance Certificate
The Attendance Certificate is a document you also need to have and fill it in at the end of your stay. The International Cooperation Center will enter the dates and stamp it and it will be your confirmation of staying at the Wrocław University of Economics.
Closing a bank account
Closing the bank account should be one of the very last things you do before you leave Poland. Please, make sure all of your bills have been paid and you do not have any overdue payments.

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