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International Cooperation Center invites from Monday to Friday, from 8.00 AM to 3.30 PM, in building A, room no. 17 and 18 and 16 and 27 (Erasmus office).

Substantially, the Center reports to the Vice-Rector for Acreditation and International Cooperation. Currently, this function is exercised by prof. dr hab. Bogusława Drelich - Skulska, build. G, room 100, tel. (+48) 71 36 80 160, e-mail: prorektor.zagranica@ue.wroc.pl

The current internationalization strategy of our University assumes activities related to internationalization in 9 areas. International Cooperation Center is responsible for as many as 7 of these areas. Performing the assumptions of the internationalization strategy of our University, ICC conducts activities within the following elements of the strategy:
1. International accreditations
2. Participation of foreign teaching staff
3. International internships for University employees
4. Scientific cooperation (conferences, projects, etc.) with strategic foreign partners
5. Double diplomas
6. Broad international student exchange
7. Student projects of international scope

The ICC activities catalog includes:
1. Comprehensive conduct of accreditation processes as part of international institutional accreditations (see international accreditations).
2. Cooperation with foreign institutions and international organizations (see membership).
3. Acquiring financial resources under the Erasmus+ program. Actions KA103 and KA107.
4. Supporting the research and didactic staff who leave to give lectures and for training purposes to partner universities under the Erasmus+ program and other bilateral agreements (map of WUEB foreign partners).
5. Supporting the administration staff departing for lectures and for training purposes at partner universities under the Erasmus+ program and other bilateral agreements.
6. Supporting foreign visiting professors of WUEB coming to give lectures and to lead scientific research.
7. Constant search for foreign partner universities in Europe and the world (annual ICC internationalization strategy assuming cooperation with another country and region, map of cooperation).
8. Supporting WUEB students leaving for studies and internships under the Erasmus+ program and other bilateral agreements (map of WUEB foreign partners).
9. Supporting WUEB students who come to study under the Erasmus+ program and other bilateral agreements (map of WUEB foreign partners).
10. Conducting promotional activities abroad aimed at extending the recognition of WUE on the international arena, including participation in educational fairs, promotional missions, cooperation with representatives and diplomatic missions all over the world).
11. Acquiring candidates for studies through participation in recruitment fairs and cooperation with foreign agencies.
12. Cooperation with the National Academic Exchange Agency and Ministry of Science and Higher Education within the framework of foreign programs, e.g. Ready, Study, Go! Poland.
13. Intermediation in the MIRAI program (special program for students organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan).
14. Coordinating the Visiting Profesors project in cooperation with the Wrocław Academic Center (WCA).
15. Coordination the Mentor project in cooperation with the Students' Self-Government. The program is addressed to foreigners during their first year of study. This program is aimed at bringing together new foreign students with students from the higher years of WUE. The mentor's role is to help to acclimatize at our University and in the city.
16. Handling of foreign business trips of our researchers, teaching and administrative staff.
17. Supporting contacts between our University's academic and didactic staff and foreign students.
18. Creation and maintenance of websites in English related to the implementation of ICC activities and assistance to other units of the University in this area.
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