EUA - Institutional Evaluation Programme (IEP)

"European University Association’s Institutional Evaluation Programme"
On September 2, 2019, the Wrocław University of Economics successfully completed the process of EUA-IEP institutional evaluation. This is the undoubted success of our University, because we are the third university in Poland, and the first humanistic which has successfully passed the EUA-IEP evaluation procedure.

The IEP Steering Committee submitted a final evaluation report on our University along with recommendations for changes. Within one year, WUE is required to prepare a short progress report,with brief explanation how our institution has addressed the key recommendations given in the evaluation report. WUE may use the EUA-IEP logo for the next 5 years.

The IEP institutional evaluation process we started in 2018, submitting an application for registration in the IEP program. Acceptance of the application by the IEP Steering Committee resulted in the establishment of a five-person evaluation team whose task was to provide comprehensive assistance to the institution in the evaluation process, including two on-site visits and depth analysis of the self-evaluation report. The WUE sent this self-evaluation report, covering all aspects of the functioning of our University, divided into six areas, in February 2019.

The evaluation team visited our University in 2019 twice  - in March and June. The visits were devoted to meetings with all members of the academic community  - the University authorities, authorities and employees of the university faculties, representatives of all university centers and units, representatives of students, graduates and representatives of the business community.

The IEP institutional evaluation report, prepared by the evaluation team, contains a concise summary and assessment of evaluation visits and a self-evaluation report. An important part of the report are recommendations for our University in each of six areas, indicating the direction of changes leading to the achievement of an ever higher level of functioning of the University. The report is available at

The team of the International Cooperation Center members, responsible for the process of obtaining a positive EUA-IEP institutional evaluation, would like to thank everyone who contributed to this success!

The Institutional Evaluation Programme (IEP) ( is an independent membership service of the European University Association (EUA) that offers evaluations to support the participating institutions in the continuing development of their strategic management and internal quality culture. IEP is a full member of the European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ENQA) and is listed in the European Quality Assurance Register for Higher Education (EQAR).
The distinctive features of IEP are:
  • A strong emphasis on the self-evaluation phase
  • A European and international perspective
  • A peer-review approach
  • A support to improvement
The focus of IEP is the institution as a whole and not the individual study programmes or units. It focuses upon:
  • Decision-making processes and institutional structures and effectiveness of strategic management
  • Relevance of internal quality processes and the degree to which their outcomes are used in decision making and strategic management as well as perceived gaps in these internal mechanisms.

The European University Association (EUA) ( is an organization of European universities conducting research and teaching activities, as well as national associations of rectors and other organizations related to science and higher education.
The EUA provides member institutions with the opportunity to exchange information in the fields of higher education and research. It also allows sharing best practices by participating in joint projects and events involving many universities.
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